End Malaria Now is changing the way we approach making a difference. Not only are we providing prevention strategies to end the spread of malaria, but we hope to expand our efforts in spreading awareness while providing the opportunity to change people's lives. 

Lennox Ogada is a student artist from Kenya, whom our CFO Denise Tran met during a previous bed net distribution trip to Kenya. Through our new engagement program, L^3 (Life, Learning, Leadership), Denise has commissioned Lennox to create promotional materials geared towards educating and engaging children in creative ways. With fun comic book characters and coloring books, we hope to promote Lennox's talent, while building an appropriate venue for children and adults alike to learn about malaria.  In return for his talent and artwork, we have sponsored Lennox by providing him with resources, art supplies, and payment for school fees, to help bring him closer to his dream of becoming a professional artist.


         Flyer designed by Lennox featuring a fictional superhero, nicknamed "Bednet Barry".

         Flyer designed by Lennox featuring a fictional superhero, nicknamed "Bednet Barry".

To see a gallery of Lennox's other artwork, please click here.



Name: Lennox Ogada Ochieng

Born: May 5th, 1998 in Malindi, Kenya

As the son of an artist Mr. David Ochieng, Lennox grew up with the techniques of painting. He was at the age of 7 when he began to make art. Lennox was largely self-taught, but he did attend classes for a short period of time at the suggestion of his father. He initially studied in Kenya at Progressive High, then later went on to work with Mr. David Ochieng before setting up on his own as an artist in 2013.

While still in school, Lennox was drawn to impressionist painting. Since 2014, influenced by Mr. Ralph, a German architect, he turned to applied art and produced works in ornate styes before arriving at a simpler, rectilinear and functional style around 2015. He later started training as a portrait painter. In 2016, Lennox was engaged by a famous artist, Onesmus Odumbe to work at Nakumatt, which was his first opportunity for exhibition and marketing. Again introducing his techniques in art, many considered Lennox a young, famous artist in realistic painting.

While apprenticed through books, Lennox also became acquainted with symbolism. In 2016, he came under the influence of Shujaaz FM and became a book illustrator, and at once he illustrated more than 5 books. Around that time, he was also introduced to the CEO of End Malaria Now, Denise Tran, who has now commissioned him with the illustration of works based on the effects of malaria.  He voluntarily accepted the position as he was predestined by his artist background for a career as a graphic artist. He was promised scholarship, and his friendship with the organization has prompted him to turn his attention into the nonprofit field.