Providing support to schools and institutions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, one Msaada Kit at a time.  

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Bed Nets

Long-lasting Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINs) are a form of personal protection that has been shown to reduce malaria illness, severe disease, and death due to malaria in endemic regions. In community-wide trials in several African settings, LLINs have been shown to reduce the death of children under 5 years from all causes by about 20%.

LLINs have been associated with sharp decreases in malaria in countries where malaria programs have achieved high LLIN coverage. WHO now recommends that LLINs be distributed to and used by all people ("universal coverage") in susceptible areas, not by just the most vulnerable groups, which are pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. LLINs have been associated with sharp decreases in malaria cases. LLINs are most commonly distributed through mass campaigns approximately every 3 years.



The LifeStraw is a plastic personal water filter designed by a company of the same name. The product allows an individual to take contaminated water and clean it. According to studies, the device removes a minimum of 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and can fit into one's pocket. Additionally, the LifeStraw contains no moving parts or batteries, which increases its longevity.

The company also  have other products like Lifestraw Family and Lifestraw Community, which can provide clean water on larger scale.

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Basic Necessities

Each "Msaada Kit" will contain:                         - 1 Backpack                                                   - School supplies for the year (pencils, pens, notebooks, rulers, calculators, coloring materials, etc.)                                     - Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste, feminine products, items for personal hygiene, etc.)

During our distribution trips, we will also provide workshops that will cover topics including:                                                       - Nutrition                                                        - Oral health                                                    - Feminine Hygiene                                      - Personal Hygiene & Sanitation                    - Other tutorials on how to use the                  materials we provide