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Team EMN needs you!

Team EMN members make a real difference in crusading to save the lives of people affected by malaria. No matter how you choose to get involved as a Team EMN member, you'll be supporting the vital work of End Malaria Now and helping to bring us all closer to eradicating this deadly disease that takes the lives of over half a million every year.

Team EMN makes fundraising easy and fun, and there are unlimited opportunities to make a real difference. As part of the team, you can turn your next marathon, special event, golf tournament or auction into an opportunity to support the work of End Malaria Now.

Team EMN offers the tools, resources and inspiration you need for success. As a Team EMN member you'll receive:

  • Special guides on how to maximize your fundraising efforts

  • Online access to your own Team EMN email center and Web page

  • Logo stickers and banners to give your event a polished, recognizable look

 our Current Partnerships

Join the fight against malaria! End Malaria Now and Miss Tanzania have come together to continue the fight against malaria in Tanzania. Project Tanzania will focus on providing insecticide-treated bed nets to those most in need throughout Tanzania in 2019.

Tanzania has the third largest population at risk of malaria in Africa: over 90% of the population live in areas where there is malaria. Each year, 10 to 12 million people contract malaria in Tanzania and 80,000 die from the disease, most of them children.

Lylian Muttakyawa, Miss Tanzania, was inspired to partner with us for this project in order to give back to her home country and those who are less fortunate than herself.

The goal is to provide 5,000 bed nets to the people of Tanzania by 2019! For only $10, you can help provide a bed net for someone in need. Join our vision of a world free of malaria and donate today!