Who we are?

Who we are?

Richard Harding – Chairman & CEO
Richard Harding is a founding member and CEO of End Malaria Now. As a film producer and President of Sixth Sense Productions (www.sixthsenseproductions.com), a Film and Television Company based in Los Angeles, California, he has used his connection in the film industry to spur awareness and raise resources to help prevent the transmission of malaria. With fundraising events and grassroots efforts, “End Malaria Now is changing and making a difference one bed net a time.”

Richard’s first big venture was playing a key role in financing the 2005 Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated film, Hotel Rwanda and his most acclaimed accomplishment to date is producing The First Grader, which was released in theaters May 2011.

In 2009, while filming The First Grader in Kenya, Richard was hit hard by the devastating and deplorable conditions in Africa caused by the deadly disease Malaria. “The toll it has on African children under the age of five is inconceivable and nonsensical.” Moreover, as a native from Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa, Richard has seen the country at its best and after returning for a visit in 2010, he was exposed to the country’s poorest conditions. From a once beautiful country, to the aftermath of a civil war; the country is in the state of extreme poverty, plagued with life-threatening diseases, especially Malaria. “My primary mission is to help End Malaria Now; and spur movement towards change for a better way of living.”

Denise N. Tran – Co-Chairman & CFO
Denise is a founding member and Co-Chairman & CFO of End Malaria Now. Her goal is to inspire and make a positive impact on the lives that are affected by Malaria. “The time is now, the place is Africa and the strategy is to give whatever you can to save as many innocent lives as possible. The end to malaria is within sight, but the work that needs to be done is undoubtedly insurmountable; with the power of collaboration, we will get there.”

Denise is focused on building a community of supporters that believe in social and economic development for those that do not have the means to do so themselves. “Our goals are to establish strategic priorities, ensure that goals are met, maintain business relationships with partners, as well as to oversea public policy and resource allocation activities for campaign programs.”

Before forming the foundation, Denise worked as a Business Development Manager in negotiations and corporate financial strategies for Investor business development. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Santa Clara University. Her training and experience in consultative business to business has prepared her for her leadership role with End Malaria Now.